Italian Dinnerware and Décor for the Holidays

November 09 2022 – Epic Web Studios

Italian Dinnerware and Décor for the Holidays

Italian Dinnerware and Décor for the Holidays

Across countries and across cultures, food is central to celebration (if not cause for celebration on its own accord!). This is especially true come the holidays, when we come together as friends and family to enjoy one another’s company and cooking.

If you’re the one hosting a holiday gathering, what you serve and how you serve it both contribute to creating a truly memorable affair. Presentation makes a special occasion even more unique, and Bellezza’s Italian dinnerware and dining decor are handcrafted to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Hosting a holiday cocktail party

Every holiday gathering need not be a lavish feast. More often than not, it will take the form of the more casual cocktail party or potluck, wherein food and drink are prominently featured, but secondary to meeting and mingling.

Prepare ahead of time for these help-yourself, hors d’oeuvres and finger-food-focused occasions by setting up your spread with a little lift from our Italian artisans.

Cake and cheese plates

Cake and cheese plates are so-named because they’re as perfect for supporting a no-fuss olive oil cake as they are for offering a sturdy base for those crowd-favorite hunks of Parmigiano and Asiago. Grab a few shot glasses for toothpicks (or grab a few more for nightcaps).

Large Italian ceramic trays

The large Italian ceramic serving tray or platter is one of the more versatile pieces you could employ in your holiday smorgasbord. The wide surface area leaves the host with plenty of space to creatively arrange anything from crostini to cannoli, charcuterie to crudite, starters to handheld desserts. You’ll know it’s time to replenish when your guests marvel at the stunning patterns underneath!

Handled bowls and small serving bowls

At least nine out of ten guests agree: dips are a delight, adding fun and flavor to any affair. Our small, shallow serving bowls make perfect vessels for any condiment you might care to concoct — bean dips (e.g. white bean, hummus), creamy dips (e.g. whipped ricotta dip), salsa, guacamole — perhaps even a decadent ganache or caramel sauce to pair with your fruit tray. Small serving bowls also capably accommodate nuts, candies, and other munchies you might snag during the next break in conversation.

Wine accessories

Holiday hosting goes down easier with wine, and keeping your surfaces pristine and your bottles properly chilled goes down a lot easier with our assortment of wine accessories. Italian ceramic wine coasters protect your dining table or kitchen countertop from unsightly red wine rings. Paring them with our taller wine holders will help keep that bottle of Bianchi (white) cool to the last glass (just remember that our majolica is not freezer-safe!).

Hosting a holiday dinner

Italian dinnerware and place setting

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or anything in between, hosting a holiday dinner comes with the expectation of a delicious meal and a decked out dining room. Even if your favorite relative can’t be bothered to wear a clean sweatshirt, we can help you clean up nicely in the Italian dinnerware and decor departments.

Dressing up the dining room table

Start building your tablescape from the bottom up with a Lisa Corti tablecloth or runner (for tables that are meant to be seen, not covered). Pair with coordinating napkins to accentuate the textile’s design — using two or more colors will bolster this effect and help highlight your tableware. And since Lisa Corti table linens are machine-washable, they are perfectly acceptable for the kid’s table.

Now we’re ready for place settings — make sure you have a couple extra handy for those impromptu plus-ones. A great way to supplement your existing collection is with Bellezza Home’s new, exclusive Semplice dinnerware patterns — Piume and Frecce — which were designed to mix, match, and coordinate with all of our tableware designs. (Unless, of course, you’re sick of your old dishes and ready for a fresh new set!) And don’t forget about extra small plates for the dessert course!

Serving up a feast for the eyes

It goes without saying that all of your show-stopping dishes will look all the more exceptional when presented to the assembled crowd in equally impressive serving pieces. Utilize serving bowls of various shapes and sizes for your pasta, sides, soups, and salads.

Plate your featured proteins on our Italian ceramic serving platters. Whether you’re serving up a roast, whole fish (e.g. branzino), or a freshly carved turkey, they provide the perfect platform for your pièce de résistance. If your current holiday dinnerware set is more subdued in tone, our hand-painted serving pieces will enliven your tabletop with irresistible pops of color and pattern.

Winding down the festivities

Once the festivities subside and the crowd begins to thin out, you might be lucky enough to have a few gracious guests willing to assist with cleanup. Refresh your kitchen linens with new Italian jacquard towels for drying dishes. Keep in mind that Bellezza Home’s Italian ceramics are dishwasher-safe in most dishwashers, but extreme heat and temperature shifts should be avoided to prevent cracking due to thermal shock (read our complete use and care guide here).

For those out-of-towners and Amaro aficionados who may spend the night, our Italian ceramic mugs come in enough distinctive styles to keep everyone’s coffee in the right hands. Lisa Corti cork-backed placemats are an eye-opening way to dress the breakfast bar or kitchen table for a smooth start to the day. It probably wouldn’t hurt to pair it with some strategically placed cork-backed beverage coasters to ensure the easiest cleanup.

Whether you’re ramping up or winding down your year-end revelries, we look forward to making your next special occasion even more special. Saluti!


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