Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the products on your website in stock and available to ship or do they need to be special ordered from Italy?

A: All items shown on our site are in stock and available for immediate shipment; we do not show backordered or out-of-stock items.  However, available quantities vary from piece to piece and we use inventory controls to prevent selling more of an item than is available.  If you’d like to order a larger quantity of something that you see on our website, please contact our Customer Service and we’ll work with you to get what you need.

Q: I’d like to order something you’ve carried in the past – I don’t see the pattern or shape I’m looking for – or multiples of something on your website.  Can I place a special order?

A: This depends on the item and the producer – please contact our Customer Service and we’ll do our best to meet your request.  Please keep in mind that production times and availability will vary.

Q: Can these dishes, bowls and mugs be used in the microwave or oven?

A: We don’t recommend it.  Due to the materials & techniques used to manufacture traditional majolica, heating in the microwave or conventional oven can lead to cracks and breakage, and generally compromises the longevity of your ceramics. (Read more about the majolica process)

Q: Some pieces have many small cracks on the surface – are these broken?

A: Crazing – or crackling – is common in glazed ceramics and refers to fine, shallow lines in the surface glaze layer.  While crazing may be seen on some new items, it may also appear years after purchase.  Crazing does not diminish the use or compromise the food-safe nature of a piece.

Q: I ordered multiples of the same dishes but there are slight variations among them – are they defective?

A: Slight variations & imperfections are inherent in handmade, hand-painted items – this is part of the character that makes each piece a unique work of art.  The ceramic artisans executing these designs are painting freehand with – at most – a faint outline to guide their application of colored glazes.  Some designs, such as those in Solimene’s Campagna collection, are painted entirely freehand, resulting in charmingly casual & whimsical renderings of animals, birds and sea creatures! (Learn more about our artisans and the majolica process.)  Also, rest assured that we inspect every item that we pack up & send out and we will not send any with visible defects.

Q: Will these dishes match ones I ordered recently or ones I bought in Italy 20 years ago?

A: Because our dishes are individually hand-painted, slight variations are inevitable. The more recently you received your existing dishes, the more likely that new ones ordered will come close to matching, or match well.

Q: Do you gift-wrap?

A: We gift box with ribbon and your personal message, hand-written on a gift enclosure card.  We do not use wrapping paper.  Some very large items, such as large planters & wall plates, are too large for gift boxes, but we will still include your personal message and make your gift look as festive as possible!

Q: Can the planters be used outside year-round? 

A: It depends on your area’s climate.  While rain & sun won’t harm our pots, freezing conditions & ice will.  Here in New England, we can safely put them out after the final frost, and we bring them in typically around Thanksgiving.  But if you’re in an area with year-round warmer temperatures, our planters should be safe outdoors throughout the year.

Q: Do you ship outside the US?

A: We do!  While international orders cannot be placed online, we can work with you to send Italian treasures to your location.  Find out more about international shipping details by reading our Shipping Policy.