Bringing Bellezza Home: The Ultimo Guide to Italian Home Decor

September 28 2022 – Epic Web Studios

Italian ceramic wall plates

Italian ceramic wall plates

So often when we think of Italian ceramics or home textiles, we think of them in the context of a kitchen or dining room. It’s a logical association to make — things like plates, bowls, mugs, trays, and tablecloths belong in those settings. It’s their natural habitat! 

But even though such items comprise a huge part of our inventory here at Bellezza, our Italian home decor is not just for mealtime — it’s for anytime (and anywhere)! We are constantly importing beautiful, unique items that have the potential to elevate virtually any space in the home.

Let’s get out of the kitchen for a bit and take a little tour, shall we? 

Mediterranean decor for entryways and foyers

italian ceramic vase and tray in entryway foyer

First impressions are important. A tastefully decorated entryway or foyer can go a long way toward setting the mood for your guests (or resetting your mood after “one of those days”). Give a warm Mediterranean welcome with any of the following Italian home design accessories.

Umbrella stands

Not to be saved just for rainy days, Italian ceramic umbrella stands can also be used as receptacles for walking sticks, taller dried floral arrangements or grasses, or anything else you’d like to stick out (or grab on your way out). 

Statement pieces

Make entries grander by displaying a bona fide work of art. Our collection is teeming with the handiwork of talented artists, but there’s one in particular we’d like you to meet. Marino Moretti is one of the premier names in Italian ceramics, creating stunning modern Italian decor that simultaneously pays homage to the past. Don’t be afraid to be bold!


Italian ceramic planters make great homes for vegetation of every persuasion — our gorgeously glazed planters look great either on tables (smaller sizes) or on the floor (larger sizes).


You’ll have a much easier time finding your keys, wallet, sunglasses, purse, etc. when you place them atop a brightly colored Italian ceramic serving tray. Also brilliantly highlights any junkmail you have to remember to throw out. 

Wall plates

Wall plates and accent walls are a match made in heaven (or in this case, Italy!) — especially in the foyer. Emblazoned with striking designs, they pull the eyes toward open stairways and landings, as if to say “Come in and stay a while!”

Italian decorating ideas for the living room

Italian textiles for the living room

The living room occupies a central role in home and hearth, and as such should be made both comforting and comfortable. Our selection of Mediterranean home decor is well-qualified to achieve both of those goals.

Lisa Corti pillows, throw quilts, and drink coasters

To say Lisa Corti is a major influence in the world of modern Italian decor would be a massive understatement. Layer hand- woodblock-printed Lisa Corti pillows, throws, and quilts on sofas and chairs and pair with a set of drink coasters for coffee and end tables.

100% cashmere throws from Biella in the Piedmont region

There are few materials softer or more luxurious than cashmere. Located in Northern Italy’s scenic Piedmont region, the town of Biella houses some of the most prominent producers of sustainable cashmere in the world. You goat to feel it to believe it!

Planters and vases

If you live with plants, you’ll probably want planters for your living room. Our majolica planters and vases are among the most attractive ways you could display foliage or floral arrangements, and coordinate wonderfully with other Italian style decorative accents. 

Wall plates

Decorative wall plates create a focal point in the living room, and work perfectly above the main couch/sitting area or above a mantel. 

Italian style decor for the bed and bath

Italian textiles for bed and bath

Although Italian style decor can be bright and bold, softer and more soothing tones have a place too. Wind down with the ease of a breeze off the Mediterranean with bed and bath accents from Bellezza. 

Lisa Corti king quilts and pillows 

The queen of imported Italian textiles has you covered. Lisa Corti king quilts and pillows are both lush and plush, with an array of appealing patterns. 


Mirroring our advice for the entryway, Italian ceramic trays make the ideal accommodation for your accessories, holding onto things like makeup, jewelry, and/or watches while you bathe or dream the night away.


Reach for one of our handcrafted majolica tumblers on a nightstand or vanity to stay hydrated in style. 

Large planters

Skip the trowel and grab a towel — our larger Italian ceramic planters can moonlight as a portable linen closet for your guestrooms! (Just substitute neatly folded towels and blankets for potting soil.)

Italian home decor for nooks, niches, and alcoves

Italian home decor for niches and alcoves

Even the most thoughtfully laid-out living spaces will sometimes have those little spots we don’t quite know what to do with. Fill in those odds and ends with these Italian decorating ideas from Bellezza. 

Canisters and biscotti jars

Line canisters and/or biscotti jars along wall shelves, on top of cabinets, or inside bay or garden windows.

Traditional rooster pitchers

Do you feel (c)lucky? The tradition of the Italian ceramic rooster pitcher, or La Brocca di Gallo, as a good luck charm dates back nearly 650 years. For best results, let your pitcher strut its style in a place where it can be prominently displayed, such as a wall niche. 

Lisa corti pillows

The elegantly intercontinental designs of Lisa Corti pillows nestle effortlessly into areas such as breakfast nooks, window seats or banquette seating. 

Wall plates

Have a little bit of wall and not a lot of space? Smaller decorative wall plates excel at filling the void.

Build a collection with Bellezza

No matter whether you’re looking to boost the appeal of a single wall or an entire house, the staff at Bellezza is eager to help you do more with Italian home decor — call, email, or visit us! In the meantime, browse our collections and let your imagination run free!


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