Bellezza Gift Guide 2021: Artisan Gifts from Italy

December 01 2021 – Epic Web Studios

Bellezza Gift Guide 2021: Artisan Gifts from Italy

Bellezza Gift Guide 2021: Artisan Gifts from Italy

For native Italians, gifts are very much part of a culture strongly guided by warmth and hospitality. As a country deeply rooted in Catholic religious traditions, prime gift-giving season falls between Dec. 8 and Jan. 6, which are the holy days of Festa dell’Immacolata (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) and Epifania (Feast of the Epiphany). When invited to social gatherings or dinner parties within someone’s home, guests are expected to offer a personal gift to the host as a token of gratitude and appreciation. Gifts need not be extravagant, but they do need to exhibit a measure of thoughtfulness and care.

Even here in the United States, these sentiments translate. And what better expression of Italian generosity than gifts from Italy, thoughtfully and carefully made by Italian hands? If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place!

handpainted italian christmas ornaments

Ornaments and accessories for a happier holiday

In Italy and throughout Europe, holiday markets provide the perfect showcase for artisan gifts, featuring beautiful and one-of-a-kind keepsakes, ornaments, and decor. Bellezza’s holiday home goods collection brings Italian Christmas gifts to your fingertips, with eye-catching ornaments hand-painted in Deruta (perhaps the capital city of Italian majolica) and brilliantly illustrated Christmas cards and notecards to send to family and friends. For our Jewish friends, we also carry hand-painted Hanukkah menorahs that are no less stunning!

Artisan gifts for the kitchen

Good food and good wine are pillars of Italian social life, which means there is a lot of time spent in the kitchen and dining room! There are few things more intimate than a meal shared between friends or family, which is why this category of Italian gifts would make a lovely gesture that resonates beyond the holiday season.

artisan italian kitchen accessories

For cooking

Fundamental to success in the kitchen is staying clean and staying organized, with all the ingredients and utensils required to prepare the meal ready to go and within easy reach. That’s why home chefs would appreciate our Arabesco or Rombi Blu garlic jars, Limoni Blu salt jar, or Squame oil bottle — visually stunning vessels for essential Italian ingredients. Help reduce countertop clutter with our selection of Italian ceramic spoon rests, utensil jars, and other kitchen countertop accessories.   

For serving

If you’ve ever hosted or been to a dinner party, then you’ll know that presentation makes all the difference. Set the table in style with our vast collection of Italian ceramic tableware, including plates and platters, bowls and serving bowls, pitchers, mugs, and just about any other artisan gift a gracious host could ever ask for. For the perfect finishing touch, shop our collection of genuine Italian home textiles, featuring the work of Lisa Corti Home Textile Emporium in Milan and Tessitura Pardi in Umbria. These colorful fabrics will set your room aglow well through winter.  

Biscotti and biscotti holders

Many people out there agree that the best Italian gifts are the edible kind. Send a bag of Antonio Mattei biscotti with any order and the recipient is bound to be happy! Crunchy and dunkably delightful, these imported Italian cookies feature just five simple, natural ingredients — wheat flour, sugar, almond, eggs, and pinenuts. If you want to advertise where the goods are, check our collection of Italian ceramic biscotti jars and canisters — but no one would blame you for hoarding them to yourself. 

Artisan gifts for the home and garden

italian ceramic planters and vases

Gifts for the homebody

Large crowds and loud and lively celebrations aren’t for everyone — some people prefer a peaceful evening at home with just themselves or a few of their nearest and dearest. Our “gifts for the homebody” collection may be our coziest, with mugs and saucers for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, wine holders for that bottle they’ve been waiting to savor, and throw pillows and quilts to add a pop of floral color to any serene domestic scene. 

Gifts for the green thumb

The plant mom or plant dad in your life would give two green thumbs up for our collection of ceramic planters and urns — for a curated list of our top picks, check our “gifts for the green thumb” collection.

And so much more

No matter who’s on your gift list or which direction you go in, Bellezza Home has an item to charm and impress. Can’t decide? Get them a Bellezza gift card, contact our customer service department for suggestions (we’re happy to help), or browse our full inventory for more inspiration!


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