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Welcome to our home linens collection!

Previously available in-store only, here you'll find hand-woodblock-printed cottons from Lisa Corti Home Textile Emporium (Milan), studio-milled linen blends from Tessitura Pardi (near Montefalco, Umbria) and embroidered cottons & linens from Loretta Caponi (Florence).

Just likeĀ our Italian ceramics, these textiles are practical, beautiful and can complement or enliven most any decor.

Care instructions are listed within each product's description, as are dimensions and quantity in a set, where applicable.

Lisa Corti Home Textiles

Tessitura Pardi Linens, Umbria

Lisa Corti Home Textiles Pardi linen cotton kitchen towel
From the Lisa Corti Home Textile Emporium, we offer a large selection of tablecloths, table runners, placemats, pillows, quilts, napkins and aprons,...... Near the Umbrian town of Montefalco, the region's center of fine linen production, you'll find Tessitura Pardi, makers of beautiful and practical......

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