Bellezza Guide to Italian Wedding Gifts

June 01 2022 – Epic Web Studios

wedding table set with italian ceramic plates

wedding table set with italian ceramic plates

The traditional Italian wedding is an extravagant affair, wherein more definitely equals more. That means plenty of guests (several hundred, if not a thousand or more), decorations and flowers, music and dancing, and more than enough food and drink. You’d better arrive both hungry and thirsty, because you’re in for at least five (but probably seven) courses — with appetizers, pasta, risotto, meats, cheeses, vegetables, desserts, wines, and liqueurs all competing for your appetite.

So what better way to return the favor than a piece of handcrafted majolica, setting their table with a beautiful and functional piece of art for years to come? Below are some examples of why Bellezza ceramics make the quintessential Italian wedding gift.

Serving bowls

When it comes to healthy marriages and happy families, sharing truly is caring. Bellezza’s collection of Italian ceramic serving bowls make attractive vessels for pastas, soups, salads, fresh fruits — and, of course, goodwill and hospitality.

Crespina shallow serving bowl

crespina italian ceramic serving bowl

This shallow Italian ceramic serving bowl looks great both inside and out, ideally suited as a low centerpiece or fruit bowl.


Etrusco 10-inch classic-shape serving bowl

etrusco italian ceramic serving bowl

Floral and geometric shapes find their way onto the colorfully hand-painted circumference of this ceramic serving bowl from our artisans in Deruta, Italy.


Ricco Deruta scalloped oval serving bowl

ricco deruta scalloped oval italian ceramic serving bowl

The bound wheat sheaf of the iconic Ricco (“rich”) Deruta pattern symbolizes a bountiful harvest for the marriage to come, with the artwork’s regal overtones a nod to household wealth and prosperity.



Serving platters

The lucky newlyweds will love showcasing their best entrees and side dishes with our collection of ceramic serving platters. Meticulously hand-painted in colorful styles to match any occasion, it’s an Italian wedding gift idea we think they’ll savor.

Raffaellesco 42cm oval serving platter

Raffaellesco 42cm oval italian ceramic serving platter

Named after the esteemed Renaissance painter Raphael, the Raffaellesco pattern is perhaps the most iconic of all Deruta pottery. The peculiar dragon-like creatures were thought by sailors to symbolize good fortune, their breath and beating wings blowing their ships in the right direction — the same way any newlywed couple hopes their marriage will go.


Bacco 38cm (medium) oval serving platter

Bacco 38cm oval italian ceramic serving platter

Bacco translates from Italian as Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture, wine, and bounty — which the lemons and grapes that adorn this oval ceramic serving platter certainly evoke!



Decorative kitchen containers

At Bellezza, we believe that a bare countertop is a bore of a countertop! When decorating our kitchens, we are especially innamorato with pieces that welcome us to reach for our favorite treats. Give the newlyweds more reason to smile every day with our assortment of decorative kitchen containers.

Limoni fondo Celeste biscotti jar

Limoni fondo Celeste Italian ceramic biscotti jar

Do you have a certain zest for gift-giving? Anyone would be thrilled to share this Limoni fondo Celeste (lemons on a sky blue background) biscotti jar with their main squeeze — the contents, however, may be another story! While a fantastic Italian wedding gift idea on its own, you would be wise to bundle it with a bag or two of Antonio Mattei Almond biscotti.


Peacock wine bottle holder

peacock italian ceramic wine bottle holder

Peacocks and their plumage maintain a frequent presence as a subject of hand-painted Italian pottery. Of particular fascination is their ability to replace their entire tails each year — evoking the idea of constant renewal. Giving this Peacock wine bottle holder says you hope the newlyweds experience their love anew with each passing season. It also capably holds a bottle of wine (for those more challenging days).



Appetizer and dessert trays

Help the newlyweds start and finish their gatherings off right with Bellezza’s beautiful array of appetizer and dessert trays. It’s an Italian wedding gift idea we hope you’ll find both savory and dolce.

Pavone scalloped edge handled tray

Pavone scalloped edge handled italian ceramic appetizer tray

Again we call upon the peacock (Pavone) in our Italian wedding gift guide, whose many-eyed plumage evokes the many stars of the universe, as infinite as true love. This impressive scalloped-edge handled tray is painstakingly hand-painted in Deruta with scores of colorful, interlocking feathers — which of course will never be ruffled in the newlyweds’ lives together.


Ghirlanda cake or cheese serving plate

Ghirlanda cake or cheese Italian ceramic serving plate

We conclude this edition of our Italian wedding gift guide with our striking Ghirlanda plate, a pristine platform for serving cakes or cheeses. Ghirlanda translates as “garland” or “wreath,” flowers or leaves tied or woven together in a circle. Weaving cheese and cake (or cheesecake) into any relationship is a sure way to strengthen those bonds and ensure that the circle is never broken, much like the rings around their fingers.



Bless their marriage with Bellezza

This is just a sampling of Italian wedding gift ideas awaiting you amidst Bellezza’s vast selection of imported ceramics and textiles. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or family member, or creating a wedding gift registry for you and betrothed, we look forward to taking our next steps together.


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